Our expertise

For more than 10 years we have continued to develop and instal multiple applications of industrial supervision.

Our clients span from existing martket leaders to start-ups in emerging industries.

ACTRIS takes part in the full software engineering cycle from development to installation, support and technical assistance (…). We invest in the latest technologies and integrate them in order to provide solutions which allow our clients to reduce production costs, optimize energy consumption and improve productivity.

Our main business activities

Cuisson – Barattage – Broyage – Affinage – Refrigeration
water treatment plants – Distribution d’eau potable – Réservoirs – Stations d’épuration
Traitements de co-produits – Oxydeurs – Bioréacteurs – Dalles aérauliques – Méthanisation.
Pilotage des circuits – Cycles broyeurs – Sables lavés
Déminéralisation – Précipitation – Neutralisation – Ensachage
Surveillance – Auto-contrôle
Délestage électrique – Surveillance containers frigorifiques
Vracs agroalimentaires – Salle de tri recherche halieutique
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